Midnight musings

They say a hopeful heart can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Hope is the warm blanket that allows you to snuggle in comfort and reassurance amidst the freezing cold of chaos and uncertainty. Funnily enough, people wait around for a huge breakthrough or development to allow their hearts to be bathed in the blissful beauty of […]

Miles away

‘Out of sight, out of mind’, they sayBut what about the muffled whispers of the heart,Reminding it every night, every day! While laughing with abandon amidst a crowdOr strolling past bare, woebegone treesAlthough I try to deny and shroudYour absence stings me like buzzing bees! Be it our raillery or your raw, unfiltered viewsRuffling your […]

A letter I will never send

Hey, I remember the last time I was sitting beside you, laughing with wild abandon at one of your wisecracks. I never knew it would be the last, though. How would I? Countless such instances drift through the canvas of my mind, splashing bittersweet emotions of elation and anguish. My heart may not have healed […]

Just another scar…

Little games don’t bother me anymore,Or maybe they do…And I cry myself a river,But then I see right throughPicking myself togetherWithout as much as a quiver.You think you can hurt me?Satisfied with the power you wield?Well, think again, for life taught me how to build an invisible shield…It’s a pity, your tricks won’t make me […]

The Divine Mission

In a galaxy far, far away a beautiful angel, Li sauntered around amidst beams of multicoloured exuberance that were her surroundings. Even from her place of balance and serenity, she felt like she could hear a distant cry from somewhere, a cry of distress…Being the pure soul that she was, she couldn’t bear chaos and […]


She sauntered on, pure and beatific of spirit, An oasis of innocence in the desert of depravation She saw through them all Their screaming souls they hid beneath a veneer of boisterous clamour Discontent, distraught with their own helpless selves Leaving no stone unturned to sabotage her purity! For they wondered how she could exude […]

Something greater

Her mind warned, ‘Stay away!’‘Capricious and charming,He reminds me of someone who made your heart sway’‘Oh!Come on, it’s just harmless banter’, she replied.‘Of course I won’t fall for him, come what may’. Time passed by,Alas!The ‘harmless banter’ seemed to have harmed her heart,Her mind let out a long sighSeeing her sob yet again, comforting her […]

The tantrums of Pride

Her Pride screamed within her, ever smoldering, suppressed away from the view of the world, only to recoil as she tossed and turned in vain, at midnight. Like a harrowing spectre it would threateningly cast its shadow over her entire being, ruthlessly blaming her for its suffering. By day it seemed a piece of cake […]

If only you knew

Surrender to the ebb of this moment, Let’s get drunk on ecstasy Worry not about the challenges of the future For isn’t everything but a fantasy? Like a beautiful sonnet, Etched in the depths of my heart Why does your voice ring on Even when we are apart? Maybe our paths inevitably diverge But let’s […]

Our Beautiful Reality

I can see it in your eyes Yet I know why you hesitate, Our worlds may be miles apart But what if our meeting was planned by Fate? We have nothing in common, it seems Then why do I feel at home when I’m with you, Be it in reality or in my dreams? Maybe […]