Love is just a word nowEmpty and meaningless, We were Love,Intertwined by fate and destiny,Separated by rigidity and prejudice. Our story was always doomedA tragedy of such intensity,That it borders on comedy. We were Love,A Love that will never unite,Yet is more genuine and alive,Than most social arrangements masquerading as love. A Love that can […]


The Mirage

Hope is a dangerous thing,Like chasing a beautiful mirage… The naive heart likes to believe,That it will win over the head Know that duty triumphs love,As bitter as that is for the heart to accept. So break free of all delusions,And seek the oasis of joy within you…Amidst the desert of utter hopelesness! -LAIRAI K.

The Last Goodbye

The cherry blossoms beamed in all their glory,The pleasant winds caressed her face.A familiar voice echoed in the distance,Time stood still as their eyes met yet again. There was no past and no future,No thoughts and no words-Whenever his magical gaze rested on her,Everything dissolved in perfect union…Bowing down to the depth of his love. […]

Being human…

Joy and Misery. Pleasure and Pain. Love and Fear. Being human is indeed a kaleidoscope of ever-evolving emotions. If all these polarities are a part of the human experience, what makes a person think of themselves as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so conclusively? Sometimes, people can be too harsh on themselves because of their past […]

Morning Magic

The leaves swaying to the tune of the breeze,Fill my heart with the utmost elation,The playful colours of nature,Painted artistically on the canvas of creation! Be it the crimson blending with verdant huesOr the flowers coyly smiling,As they feel the dew drops’ gentle caress.The sky is a mysterious azureHolding the tender rays of the sun,In […]

Dear Inner Child…

You are loved, no matter what. You don’t have to act a certain way, or do something in particular, to be deserving of love. You didn’t mess anything up. Stop blaming yourself. What you did wasn’t horrible or something to feel ashamed about. You are not a ‘bad child’, nothing dreadful is going to happen […]

Midnight musings

They say a hopeful heart can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Hope is the warm blanket that allows you to snuggle in comfort and reassurance amidst the freezing cold of chaos and uncertainty. Funnily enough, people wait around for a huge breakthrough or development to allow their hearts to be bathed in the blissful beauty of […]

Miles away

‘Out of sight, out of mind’, they sayBut what about the muffled whispers of the heart,Reminding it every night, every day! While laughing with abandon amidst a crowdOr strolling past bare, woebegone treesAlthough I try to deny and shroudYour absence stings me like buzzing bees! Be it our raillery or your raw, unfiltered viewsRuffling your […]

A letter I will never send

Hey, I remember the last time I was sitting beside you, laughing with wild abandon at one of your wisecracks. I never knew it would be the last, though. How would I? Countless such instances drift through the canvas of my mind, splashing bittersweet emotions of elation and anguish. My heart may not have healed […]