Of Fantasy and Reality…

​Travelling with Fantasy felt like a warm blanket to be snuggled in.To escape from the pretence and monotony that was Reality.Fantasy was a beautiful storyteller.It enthralled with intricately woven stories of distant lands. Of fairies and magic.Of love and trust.Of rainbows and unicorns.Of angels who meant what they said.Of sweet nothings and Forevers… Reality mocked […]

Mystery Blogger Award 

Hello everyone!I would like to thank the talented blogger,AllyLMare,for honouring me with the ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. What is the award all about? “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every […]

In the lap of nature 

The water rippled,shimmering softly,touched that it had been by the tender delicate sun rays, peeping coyly from amidst the clouds.The waves moved, each with a rhythm of its own, all of them together sounding melodious, like a piece of God’s effortless musical masterpiece… The lush green bushes danced to the melody of the serene rendition […]

Dear 2016…

Dear 2016, I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health.Sounds ironic,I know.Bidding you farewell,though,is going to be one of the hardest experiences of my life,probably harder than living ‘in you’ was.Kidding. As excited as I am to welcome 2017 with the promise of new beginnings,adventures and challenges,I must admit;after all that we’ve […]

The Silhouette 

A silhouette walked on in the deep dungeons of her heart, Oh!The bittersweet joy it brought to her eyes,    The laughter,the love,the innocent abandon…   More incredible than one could ever surmise! Away she knew she had to drive this shadow, The eager,beautiful spring in the meadow…  Beckoned her with a loving gaze.     […]

The Murderer…

Ego laughed mirthlessly,staring at the blood bathed remains of Friendship it had heartlessly killed. Laughter.Affection.Trust. Attachment… All lay in a pool of blood,stabbed to death beside poor Friendship in the desolate land of Pretence and Superficiality,like heaps of lifeless bodies in a morgue.Insecurity and Comparison were the perfect partners in crime for the cold and […]

That song…

That song.The one that was played incessantly on repeat,a soothing lullaby to fall asleep to.Paradoxically enough, the same song later became the reason for a raging storm in her heart. The same lyrics.The same melody.Even in the act of skipping it, she could never turn away from the fact that it still had an effect […]