A Real Dream…

The serene-looking silhouette sauntered through the beautiful mist and suddenly came to a halt.I was enraptured by the sheer presence of this entity,the mist surrounding the angel blurred my vision,but strangely enough,I made no attempt to edge closer or strain my neck for a better glance.The angel seemed to be formless,yet blessed with the most […]


She just felt numb.Numb was the word.All her emotions seemed to be churning around in an angry whirlpool-shock,betrayal,love,hurt,disgust…Funny what a mere second can do.A mere glimpse of a seemingly mundane scene.Enough to ruthlessly stab her already ripped,wounded heart in a single stroke. She lost track of the surroundings,the cacophony around seemed nothing compared to the […]

Sorry and Thank you!

First of all,I would like to apologise to all my followers as I kind of got caught up in the wheel of monotony that is life and couldn’t find the time to blog for quite a while. Next,I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for […]

Perfect Imperfection

The street was buzzing with busy beings,hurriedly jostling their way past each other.Running,it seemed,for dear life…but no,probably to be in time for the delicious,home cooked food that offered the promise of driving away the day’s fatigue. On the contrary,some who were walking on the footpath seemed lackadaisical yet preoccupied…glued to their precious phones.A solitary tree […]

Of Fantasy and Reality…

​Travelling with Fantasy felt like a warm blanket to be snuggled in.To escape from the pretence and monotony that was Reality.Fantasy was a beautiful storyteller.It enthralled with intricately woven stories of distant lands. Of fairies and magic.Of love and trust.Of rainbows and unicorns.Of angels who meant what they said.Of sweet nothings and Forevers… Reality mocked […]

Mystery Blogger Award 

Hello everyone!I would like to thank the talented blogger,AllyLMare,for honouring me with the ‘Mystery Blogger Award’. What is the award all about? “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every […]

In the lap of nature 

The water rippled,shimmering softly,touched that it had been by the tender delicate sun rays, peeping coyly from amidst the clouds.The waves moved, each with a rhythm of its own, all of them together sounding melodious, like a piece of God’s effortless musical masterpiece… The lush green bushes danced to the melody of the serene rendition […]