Our Beautiful Reality

I can see it in your eyes Yet I know why you hesitate, Our worlds may be miles apart But what if our meeting was planned by Fate? We have nothing in common, it seems Then why do I feel at home when I’m with you, Be it in reality or in my dreams? Maybe […]


The misty clouds settled gently on the mountain peaks. The cool winds caressed her face and she felt a wave of exhilaration pervade through every inch of her existence. A renewed energy. An inexplicable sense of connection and security, although she was all alone in those woods. Her mind relentlessly tried to play out the […]


Something. There was something in his gaze. Something in the way he looked at her. His eyes shone in the faintly lit room, steadily reading her, like she was a beautiful novel he couldn’t put down. She felt her heart skip a beat-shyly,surreptitiously she stole a glance. Their eyes met. Time seemed to have stood […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone!Today I would like to share with all of you that I have been honoured with the Sunshine Blogger Award. I feel grateful to know that my posts are striking a chord with my readers and fellow bloggers. I am thankful to Jyoti107 for nominating me. Do check out her blog, I am sure […]


In the ruins of the demolished room, I heard echoes of our laughter Unable to resist I was drawn in Dark and dingy, a forgotten place. Nobody would know how you swept me off my feet here gradually but surely, In a time when this place was teeming with busy crowds… I sat amidst the […]


Like a menacing dark cloud, Uncertainty loomed over her, casting its eerie shadow on her ability to decide, to stay calm, to live! She loathed Uncertainty, for she wanted to ‘know’ for sure, to ‘know’ the outcome of some distant future, so that she could enjoy the blessings being bestowed on her in the present […]

Dying Embers 

She sat by the fireplace,soothed by the warmth her heart could only yearn for.She gazed intently at the embers crackling in distress…their desperate plea to the adamant flames not to disappear. For if it were not for the passionate desire of the flames to burn on,there was little the poor embers could do.Except burn as […]