Midnight musings

They say a hopeful heart can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Hope is the warm blanket that allows you to snuggle in comfort and reassurance amidst the freezing cold of chaos and uncertainty.

Funnily enough, people wait around for a huge breakthrough or development to allow their hearts to be bathed in the blissful beauty of hope, when in fact, they could easily discover it in the most mundane of places.

Sometimes hope is the sunlight streaming through your window in the morning. Or the birds chirping melodiously to welcome a brand new day. The roses that bloom in your backyard or the wonderful friends who never fail to bring a smile on your face. If only we would free ourselves of the relentless mind, chattering about the regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future, the present moment would reveal itself to us, perfect as it is, in all its glory.

As paradoxical as it may seem, if we truly embrace the present moment, even hope would seem needless, for hope is nothing but a positive feeling that everything will be great in the ‘future’, and how immaterial this reassurance seems when you realise there is really no past or future, just the present moment to soak in and live to the fullest.

What is life but an amalgamation of many such moments, which we unknowingly tarnish, being consumed by the illusion of time and chasing material measures of happiness. Indeed, if we ever manage to break free of this trap, we would realise that hope, positivity, love, elation- whatever it is that we want to feel, already exists deep within us.

If only it dawned on us that we are naturally blissful beings and any belief to the contrary got planted in our psyche, be it through mainstream media or other sources, keeping generations attached to darkness and despair. Many have been tricked into believing that too much benevolence or positivity is artificial and fake. Alas! So many humans are completely disconnected from who they have always been, at their very core.

If only we would escape the toxic conditioning of society making us buy into the belief that everything is dismal and for once- tap into our true, authentic selves. If only.


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