The Divine Mission

In a galaxy far, far away a beautiful angel, Li sauntered around amidst beams of multicoloured exuberance that were her surroundings. Even from her place of balance and serenity, she felt like she could hear a distant cry from somewhere, a cry of distress…Being the pure soul that she was, she couldn’t bear chaos and […]


She sauntered on, pure and beatific of spirit, An oasis of innocence in the desert of depravation She saw through them all Their screaming souls they hid beneath a veneer of boisterous clamour Discontent, distraught with their own helpless selves Leaving no stone unturned to sabotage her purity! For they wondered how she could exude […]

The tantrums of Pride

Her Pride screamed within her, ever smoldering, suppressed away from the view of the world, only to recoil as she tossed and turned in vain, at midnight. Like a harrowing spectre it would threateningly cast its shadow over her entire being, ruthlessly blaming her for its suffering. By day it seemed a piece of cake […]


In the ruins of the demolished room, I heard echoes of our laughter Unable to resist I was drawn in Dark and dingy, a forgotten place. Nobody would know how you swept me off my feet here gradually but surely, In a time when this place was teeming with busy crowds… I sat amidst the […]