Something greater

Her mind warned, ‘Stay away!’‘Capricious and charming,He reminds me of someone who made your heart sway’‘Oh!Come on, it’s just harmless banter’, she replied.‘Of course I won’t fall for him, come what may’. Time passed by,Alas!The ‘harmless banter’ seemed to have harmed her heart,Her mind let out a long sighSeeing her sob yet again, comforting her […]

The tantrums of Pride

Her Pride screamed within her, ever smoldering, suppressed away from the view of the world, only to recoil as she tossed and turned in vain, at midnight. Like a harrowing spectre it would threateningly cast its shadow over her entire being, ruthlessly blaming her for its suffering. By day it seemed a piece of cake […]


In the ruins of the demolished room, I heard echoes of our laughter Unable to resist I was drawn in Dark and dingy, a forgotten place. Nobody would know how you swept me off my feet here gradually but surely, In a time when this place was teeming with busy crowds… I sat amidst the […]

Dying Embers 

She sat by the fireplace,soothed by the warmth her heart could only yearn for.She gazed intently at the embers crackling in distress…their desperate plea to the adamant flames not to disappear. For if it were not for the passionate desire of the flames to burn on,there was little the poor embers could do.Except burn as […]

The Scream…

She shrieked in fear and longing.A fear of the unknown.A longing too for the unknown.She kicked against the stark,dark walls,pleading for someone to fulfill her simple yet elusive desire.Darkness…the only thing she had ever known,comforting and harrowing at the same time. A part of her knew that it was time to welcome the light with […]


She just felt numb.Numb was the word.All her emotions seemed to be churning around in an angry whirlpool-shock,betrayal,love,hurt,disgust…Funny what a mere second can do.A mere glimpse of a seemingly mundane scene.Enough to ruthlessly stab her already ripped,wounded heart in a single stroke. She lost track of the surroundings,the cacophony around seemed nothing compared to the […]

The Storm

    The pearly clouds, irresistibly attracted to the handsome mountains descended from the heavens to kiss their moist peaks.There loomed a forlorn darkness throughout the vastness of the sky, which seemed an expression of its disapproval and anguish.The milky innocent clouds left their abode and nestled themselves comfortably in the reassuring embrace of the magnificent […]