She sauntered on, pure and beatific of spirit, An oasis of innocence in the desert of depravation She saw through them all Their screaming souls they hid beneath a veneer of boisterous clamour Discontent, distraught with their own helpless selves Leaving no stone unturned to sabotage her purity! For they wondered how she could exude […]

Something greater

Her mind warned, ‘Stay away!’‘Capricious and charming,He reminds me of someone who made your heart sway’‘Oh!Come on, it’s just harmless banter’, she replied.‘Of course I won’t fall for him, come what may’. Time passed by,Alas!The ‘harmless banter’ seemed to have harmed her heart,Her mind let out a long sighSeeing her sob yet again, comforting her […]


Something. There was something in his gaze. Something in the way he looked at her. His eyes shone in the faintly lit room, steadily reading her, like she was a beautiful novel he couldn’t put down. She felt her heart skip a beat-shyly,surreptitiously she stole a glance. Their eyes met. Time seemed to have stood […]


In the ruins of the demolished room, I heard echoes of our laughter Unable to resist I was drawn in Dark and dingy, a forgotten place. Nobody would know how you swept me off my feet here gradually but surely, In a time when this place was teeming with busy crowds… I sat amidst the […]

Dying EmbersĀ 

She sat by the fireplace,soothed by the warmth her heart could only yearn for.She gazed intently at the embers crackling in distress…their desperate plea to the adamant flames not to disappear. For if it were not for the passionate desire of the flames to burn on,there was little the poor embers could do.Except burn as […]


Funny how people leave indelible marks,not just on our hearts and minds,but on every aspect of our lives.Funny how a kite soaring in the sky will always remind you of a certain someone.It’s almost like you’ve lost the ability to see it minus the association. Funny how a tattered,neglected copy of ‘Wren and Martin’brings back […]

A Real Dream…

The serene-looking silhouette sauntered through the beautiful mist and suddenly came to a halt.I was enraptured by the sheer presence of this entity,the mist surrounding the angel blurred my vision,but strangely enough,I made no attempt to edge closer or strain my neck for a better glance.The angel seemed to be formless,yet blessed with the most […]