Our Beautiful Reality

I can see it in your eyes
Yet I know why you hesitate,
Our worlds may be miles apart
But what if our meeting was planned by Fate?

We have nothing in common, it seems
Then why do I feel at home when I’m with you,
Be it in reality or in my dreams?

Maybe long, long ago amidst the stars far away
Our souls had decided to catch up randomly that day,
Doesn’t that explain the seemingly inexplicable connection?
The way my heart beams with joy and affection
At the mere mention of your name.

Would you silence your mind, reasoning why we’re impossible with all its might…
And listen to your heart- which has known all along what is right?
I love how your eyes betray
Everything that your lips yearn to say…

Let us forget the ways of the world,
The inconsequential barriers of languages and places, all of the madness that is duality
Let us know our love as all there is, all that matters, let it be our beautiful reality.


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17 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Reality

  1. The last stanza is breathtaking for the beauty of the idea it expresses. I also especially love the subtly of thought and sharp insight expressed through-out the poem. This is a beautiful, reflective poem. Thank you so much for sharing it! I have decided to bookmark it to my poetry folder so that I can return to it again and again over time.

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      1. You capture so well the sort of “connection” that is “inexplicably” profound, that feels like it must have originated in another time and place, a prior life, etc. To call such love a “beautiful reality” and contrast it with the “duality” of the world, the separateness and strife, strikes me as brilliant. But then to go beyond that and point out how one can be too disbelieving, too skeptical about the reality of it — well, that’s just genius, Lairai. You have created a powerful portrait of a certain kind of love — not through flowery words, but through insightfully juxtaposed ideas and images.

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  2. la bellezza dell’amore, le vie del destino, apparentemente ignote, quasi guidate da mani invisibili. E’ incredibile come spesso ciò che ci accade è in qualche modo ciò che inconsciamente abbiamo voluto da sempre..

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