The misty clouds settled gently on the mountain peaks. The cool winds caressed her face and she felt a wave of exhilaration pervade through every inch of her existence. A renewed energy. An inexplicable sense of connection and security, although she was all alone in those woods. Her mind relentlessly tried to play out the usual conversations and dialogues, but she could not care less. All she could see was a speck of Light, soaring higher and higher, away from the clutches of the mind, the body…Funnily enough, instead of viewing the Light as something which was a mere part of her; and her mind or body as ‘actually’ her, she found herself identifying with the Light more than her physical existence.She knew all along that she had a source of divine Light within her. The Light of Love. Of Peace. Of Bliss. Of Boundless Joy. But now. It was different. She felt different. She didn’t just have the Light. She was the Light.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA

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