Something. There was something in his gaze. Something in the way he looked at her. His eyes shone in the faintly lit room, steadily reading her, like she was a beautiful novel he couldn’t put down. She felt her heart skip a beat-shyly,surreptitiously she stole a glance. Their eyes met. Time seemed to have stood still while his eyes told her what his mouth would never speak.

Reluctantly, their eyes parted, suddenly conscious of the surroundings…but with the silent promise of another conversation. His alluring eyes rested on her again, her lips quivered, her visage flushed a deep red. She could feel her heart within melting away slowly. It yearned to break free from the self-imposed barriers and shackles of restraint and breathe the sweet air of wild abandon.

There was something so serene, something so pure,poetic and inexplicably beautiful in his look that she was helplessly drawn to his charm-like the rustling leaves are drawn to the wind, and the swirling mist is drawn to the peaks of magnificent mountains!

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA

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