In the ruins of the demolished room,

I heard echoes of our laughter

Unable to resist I was drawn in

Dark and dingy, a forgotten place.

Nobody would know how you swept me off my feet here gradually but surely,

In a time when this place was teeming with busy crowds…

I sat amidst the cobwebs and the dust

Unsettlingly similar to the state of my heart

The darkness outside being nothing

Compared to the emptiness within

‘Maybe it’s nothing, you’re overreacting!’

whispered a small timid voice.

‘So what it’s not like before, so what you have to be the one to reach out these days’

Or maybe it has worn out, after all,

The thrill of the ‘chase’…

The darkness felt strangely comfortable

It did not belittle what I felt

I could cry my heart out,cupping my face

A forgotten girl in a forgotten place.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA

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