Like a menacing dark cloud, Uncertainty loomed over her, casting its eerie shadow on her ability to decide, to stay calm, to live! She loathed Uncertainty, for she wanted to ‘know’ for sure, to ‘know’ the outcome of some distant future, so that she could enjoy the blessings being bestowed on her in the present moment. Like all poor humans, she too feared the monstrous Uncertainty, whose very agenda was to strangle the ‘life’ out of her life, to shroud the one and only truth that had ever existed- the ‘now’.

Uncertainty took great pleasure in depriving her of the ability to appreciate the beauty of the ‘now’, to live life in the true sense of the word! Little did Uncertainty know, that the harrowing anxiety it caused may have crippled her momentarily, but it was what would ultimately lead her to embrace the tender and loving Faith. Uncertainty may rule the mind, but Faith was the undisputed emperor of the soul.

Fed up of fearing Uncertainty, she closed her eyes, requesting her mind to stop whirling in a maelstrom of doubt and disquietude. Her mind, stubborn as it was, rebelled at first. The cruel claws of Uncertainty seemed to have gripped it firmly. However, she too did not give in. She patiently urged it to calm down, to let go… and miraculously enough, her mind slowly conceded.

She sat still, soaking in the nothingness, the satisfaction of having acquired everything beautiful and positive that could ever exist, in a few moments of stillness. Now she could clearly see Faith, beckoning her with open arms. She realised Uncertainty was still present, but its poisonous grip on her life had loosened. With tears in her eyes, she embraced Faith, ‘knowing’ for sure in her heart that Uncertainty could never bother her again.


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13 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I like your post because this is a feeling that can grip people, often as the result of a negative experience. In a very different way, I think the artist often embraces the uncertainty, the thrills of surprise, taking life as it comes, and being confident that you can produce fruit. Reaching this state often does require faith but also those around help ensure uncertainty remains well hidden. I like your writing, it made me think for a while 🙂

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    1. Are you familiar with Yoshida Kenko, Ashok? If not, he was a Buddhist monk who died in 1350 CE, and who you might enjoy discovering. He too embraced uncertainty, saying, “Uncertainty is the most precious thing in life.” His views seemed to have been based on his understanding of nature.

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