The Scream…

She shrieked in fear and longing.A fear of the unknown.A longing too for the unknown.She kicked against the stark,dark walls,pleading for someone to fulfill her simple yet elusive desire.Darkness…the only thing she had ever known,comforting and harrowing at the same time.

A part of her knew that it was time to welcome the light with tears in her eyes and bid farewell to the darkness.But alas!Like a beautiful song that is abruptly stopped by an irate someone who cannot appreciate it,like an innocent bud trampled upon before it could flower,she could see her opportunity to witness the light slipping farther away from her grasp.

She was helpless,she screamed in anguish,frozen with trepidation,but the silence swallowed her screams ruthlessly.An ultimate blood-curdling cry…and no more pain.She lay in the womb completely still,killed before she could be born.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA

12 thoughts on “The Scream…

  1. Very powerful expression of fear as an emotion and the difficulty in escaping and to finish with the feeling of being permanently trapped. The desire to be heard is clear from the screams but, as I often point out, if one listens there is often a still small voice in the calm that does listen 🙂

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