She just felt numb.Numb was the word.All her emotions seemed to be churning around in an angry whirlpool-shock,betrayal,love,hurt,disgust…Funny what a mere second can do.A mere glimpse of a seemingly mundane scene.Enough to ruthlessly stab her already ripped,wounded heart in a single stroke.

She lost track of the surroundings,the cacophony around seemed nothing compared to the anguished cries of her bleeding heart.As the meaning of what she had just seen began to sink in,it made everything else seem meaningless and false-all those memories,the laughter,the compliments,those inside jokes,the long conversations…Everything went numb,she wanted to escape,away from all the mess,away from the hurt,away from the face of the earth,deep into a black hole.

Her heart,trying to fit back into place the million pieces splintered apart bathed in a pool of blood,gently reminded her of a cruel déja-vu,yes,she had been here before,it was a different story then,her heart was naiver still,younger and completely untouched,but she had been here.History had repeated itself in the most ironic and cruelest of ways.Without a word,she slinked away from the crowd and ran towards the bathroom,to allow the tears to fall before she fell apart.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA

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