In the lap of nature 

The water rippled,shimmering softly,touched that it had been by the tender delicate sun rays, peeping coyly from amidst the clouds.The waves moved, each with a rhythm of its own, all of them together sounding melodious, like a piece of God’s effortless musical masterpiece…

The lush green bushes danced to the melody of the serene rendition along with the swirling wind.The leaves rustled in unison.The birds chirped to express their delight.

I sat in the boat,spellbound by the breathtaking beauty and the sheer simplicity of nature.The cool wind lovingly caressed my hair as I felt a trickle of water land gently on my face.

The pristine sky,silently witnessed the harmonious performance on earth.The synchronicity of the atmosphere touched my soul, it felt calm, an inexplicable serenity set in.

I felt disconnected yet connected.Disconnected from the clutter, the wheel of monotony that we call life!And connected…to the Universe,to the oneness of us all.

As I gazed fixedly at the infinite, seemingly endless stretch of the azure waters before my eyes, the mundanity of it all struck me like a flash of lightning.With the shift of perspective, came a strange sense of freedom, freedom from the clutches of my own mind,its never-ending musings,bittersweet memories, regrets…The thoughts in my mind hadn’t left, they were there as usual, but I did not feel one with them, as I always do.

I simply acknowledged their presence, but felt unmoved, in that moment, they had lost all power over me-for I had become one with the surroundings,with Nature,with the Universe.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA


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