The Murderer…

Ego laughed mirthlessly,staring at the blood bathed remains of Friendship it had heartlessly killed. Laughter.Affection.Trust. Attachment…

All lay in a pool of blood,stabbed to death beside poor Friendship in the desolate land of Pretence and Superficiality,like heaps of lifeless bodies in a morgue.Insecurity and Comparison were the perfect partners in crime for the cold and cruel Ego.

Nostalgia had tried its best to save them,gently nudging the heart,reminding it of the beautiful bond,the first hello,the funny anecdotes,the inside jokes,the innumerable memories locked away safely in a forlorn,dusty corner of the heart…but in vain!

The violence and bloodshed led to an inevitable doom,that gave way to a perfect polite,courteous demeanour devoid of warmth and love.Saddening indeed.For a beautiful beginning to have met such a savage ending.

Though the murderous Ego may have emerged victorious,Nostalgia could never be killed.Ever.And so,it pricked the heart,on and on,ripping it apart, for whatever it was worth.

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA


17 thoughts on “The Murderer…

  1. So very true, Lairai.

    It had the finality of a ‘year-end’, dead and gone forever. Though I would have hoped rather foolishly that the pretense of a New year would have allowed bygones to be bygones and permitted a fresh, new start. But alas!

    Love your writing, may the new year bring bountiful of creativity!

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