Inner War

Oh!Those tender moments in life when your mind is literally fighting a battle the world knows nothing about.The conflicting parties, the blood and gore, the destruction! An air of immeasurable anguish and doom that sets in, irrespective of who emerges victorious.

The helpless cries, the bloodshed, it all haunts you but sadly, an inner war that it is, nobody will ever know of it.If you try to explain it to someone, you will be ignored, judged or mocked!For people deem fit to judge what they cannot understand.

We always hear people talking about inner peace but nobody ever mentions inner war.The irony lies in the fact that it is the existence of this inner war that propells people to seek inner peace and yet the ‘inner war’has forever been stifled!

I wonder what causes the ‘inner war’…or why does it seem to go on and on, like an extremely long, never ending tunnel, with not a speck of light visible for miles at a stretch?

I feel it has everything to do with our expectations of the way we must think or feel versus the reality of how we actually feel.This constant yearning for wanting everything sorted and perfect, having everything crystal clear in your heart… Alas!Futile beyond measure.

Sometimes,it’s okay to not be sure. Sometimes,it’s okay to be indecisive,confused.Sometimes,it’s okay to feel scared,vulnerable.Sometimes,it’s okay to make mistakes.Sometimes,it’s okay to not be okay!

For life is not about holding yourself back and bothering about the future.Or about living in nostalgia.It is about going with the flow,like a pure,carefree river that valiantly overcomes the rocks that stand in its path as obstacles.It is about celebrating the beauty of the present moment gifted to you,as it is,without a care in the world.

And ofcourse,about learning to let go.The inner war will unquestionably give way for the dazzling light of inner peace to shine,bright and clear,once we start living in the now!

-LAIRAI K. Registered &Protected 50CC-3C5S-TXHE-9FEA


20 thoughts on “Inner War

  1. Hi Lairai, the inner war consumes us, leaves us dead or deaden and no one is victorious as you say. It well. The flag of the victorious and the vanquished both fly at half mast.

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  2. I especially liked the part “Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay” – if we always felt absolutely perfect, why would we ever strive to make ourselves or the world around us better? You touched on some interesting points that most people would overlook. Great post!

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  3. At 67 now this inner war is evaporating and that is fortunate. I am no less sincere but more at peace with what I cannot control and living so to never be a source of anyone’s misfortune. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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