First Showers!


The rhythmic pattering of the raindrops resonated all around-from the tender,petite blades of grass to the mighty,gnarled trees,each and every being was drenched in delight.The bushes,turning a brighter shade of green,danced with the cool breeze to the melody of the heavenly showers.

The birds,exhilirated beyond measure,chirped harmoniously as a mark of gratitude for the first showers of rain.I noticed a raindrop rest gently on a deep crimson rose,adorning it like a pearl.

The swirling mist settled lovingly on the damp peaks of distant mountains.The aroma of wet earth lingering in the moist air brought a sense of invigorating freedom to my heart.

I stood amidst the lush green fields,feeling the raindrops on my skin,gently caressing my soul…I savoured the divine experience. Indeed,the season of monsoon was a blessing from the heavens,a blessing that brought with it the promise of hope,bliss and new beginnings to every heart!

-LAIRAI K. Registered & Protected 


29 thoughts on “First Showers!

  1. Refreshing, rejuvenating. For someone from arid, emptiness this is taste of nirvana! May your creativity be as bountiful, as nourishing as the rains you write about.

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  2. I could almost smell the air – the smell of the wet grass etc. with this post – Fantastic description and imagery which created a beautiful visualisation for me. Thanks! x

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  3. I love your descriptions of nature. The Seattle weather has done a turnabout in the last 3 years – not nearly as much rain. I cherish the mornings when we are enveloped in a cozy blanket of clouds. Blessings, Debra

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