The Insomniac

She had loved in the purest way one could possibly love another. Unconditionally.Helplessly.She knew nothing about love, having always harboured an indifferent attitude towards the like.

Maybe that was the reason she never really realised when and how she stumbled into this kaleidoscope of elation, despair and everything in between.She stared intently at the sheer vastness of the night sky, as if it held all the answers to the questions of her naive heart.

As the clock ticked by and the whole world slept on, the wound that pretended to have healed by day pricked and burnt, the pain as intense and fresh like it was inflicted yesterday…

As she tossed and turned in bed, old regrets and mistakes began to gnaw away at her heart.Surrendering herself to all the thoughts that parted her from the elusive slumber, she finally lay still, wondering how silence could sometimes cut deeper than the most savage words.

And how the saddest thing in life was to be misunderstood by the person you love. And how the most beautiful thing in life was being with your loved ones, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows alike.This thought brought a smile on her lips and so did the chirping of a melodious bird from afar.

It was morning already.And the irony being consistent in all areas of her life, her tired eyes shut to catch some sleep as the sun rays were gradually peeping out from amidst the clouds.

-LAIRAI K. Registered & Protected 


34 thoughts on “The Insomniac

  1. “…kaleidoscope of elation, despair and everything in between.” ~> This captures the whole essence of love perfectly, especially the word ‘kaleidoscope’. That was an excellent word choice.

    Also, I agree that being misunderstood by the person you love is truly one of the saddest things in life. This was so beautifully written, poetically written, even.

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  2. Indeed, the saddest thing in life is to be misunderstood by the person you love! Well said!

    It is also true that the people we sometimes hurt the most are the ones who really really love us:)

    Keep writing Laira!

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  3. It’s beautiful and it describes how I feel in these days. It’s kind of strange that as I was reading it, it felt like reading my emotions.

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