Driving on

We drove the cabriolet car on the dark and desolate road, with the fog swarming before our eyes.The chill in the air had begun to make its way down our spines, with nothing but the dense fog visible for miles.Howling with laughter,the freezing wind mocked our scared souls.

Engulfed by fear and fog, everyone silently hoped for the best… and prepared for the worst.But mostly hoped for the best!

In that moment, I realised we humans, are inherently optimistic in nature.Yes, it is true that we are sometimes plagued by negative thoughts, but we are also bestowed with the remarkable will to live, to love;which has the power to overcome the greatest of perils.

For sometimes, life too,is like our road trip, with nothing but the savage fog of uncertainty and distress visible in front.But, it is, afterall, about taking a deep breath, reassuring your anxious heart to believe that everything is indeed alright, and driving on.


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8 thoughts on “Driving on

  1. I love how you’ve phrased this: driving on. I would definitely agree that humans, myself included, are inherently optimistic. It’s kind of like a defense mechanism for surviving life. If we let ourselves slip into constant negative thinking, survival would be unimportant to us. Great expressive writing! Thanks for sharing this thought.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this and your positive take on life is wonderfully refreshing! Some lovely phrases here, particularly love: “Howling with laughter,the freezing wind mocked our scared souls.” and “Howling with laughter,the freezing wind mocked our scared souls.”

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