The Storm



The pearly clouds, irresistibly attracted to the handsome mountains descended from the heavens to kiss their moist peaks.There loomed a forlorn darkness throughout the vastness of the sky, which seemed an expression of its disapproval and anguish.The milky innocent clouds left their abode and nestled themselves comfortably in the reassuring embrace of the magnificent peaks, hurting the serene sky that had given them boundless love and affection…

They too were not to blame.They were torn between the mature, sensible love they were showered with throughout their lives and the newfound, wild, free, passionate love that the humongous hills had to offer.The sky roared with thunder, letting the whole world know of its rage.

Alas! The deeper the love, the deeper the hurt.Lightning flashed, deafening thunder resonated throughout the heavens and earth alike.The wind, standing in solidarity with the sky blew violently like never before, destroying everything that came in its way.The birds shuddered with fear and flew away to the safety of their homes.Or what was left of them.

The rage of the sky soon quietened… only to give way to copious tears.The sky cried uncontrollably, as memories flashed across its mind of the bygone days.And so did the clouds, which too, became dark, filled with remorse and regret.The damp peaks tried to console them, but in vain.As their tears gushed endlessly and the wind’s anger knew no bounds, the world witnessed a storm like never before.

The uprooted trees, with leaves still fresh and seething with life, as if reluctant to die young, lay lifeless on the ground, like a beautiful story that will always remain untold.

I sat by the window, sipping a cup of coffee in the safety of my concrete home, feeling sorry for all the devastation, reflecting how love, loss and the clash of egos can destroy everything.

-LAIRAI K. Registered & Protected 


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